Senior Session Tips for Guys

Being well prepared for you senior photo session can be the difference between everyday, average photos and exceptional photos you and your family will cherish forever. Following these simple steps will help you prepare. I understand that photographing guys is much different than girls. Relax, I promise I will not make you feel awkward with “girly” poses. 


Please arrive a few minutes early for your session. Loss of time is loss of camera time. I do not want us to feel pressed for time. 


Style and Clothing

Generally, guys are not too excited about having their photos taken. However, even if these photos are just for your mom, we want you to look your best and enjoy yourself. Dress to best express yourself. Your clothing plays a huge role in showing your personality through the photos. Based on the package you have chosen, you have a specific amount of outfit changes but bring classy and casual options. If you are not sure what to wear, bring them all and I can help decide based on background, coloring, etc. It is better to have more flexibility than not enough. Please be sure your clothes are hanging on hangers and wrinkle free. Wrinkles are not easy to edit out so they will most likely be in the end result! Avoid stripes, plaids, large patterns and distracting graphics. Keep in mind that your shoes will most likely be in a few photos. Stay away from flip flops and grungy sneakers.



Props such as sports equipment, uniforms, musical instruments, letterman jackets etc. are a great way to show who you are.



I will retouch all of your photos so if your complexion is not the clearest, have no fear! I will take care of that on my end. I understand. I have been in your shoes. I promise. :)